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Eton Mobius
Rechargeable Battery Case with Solar Panel for iPhone®4 and iPhone® 4S




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High Efficiency Monocrystal Solar Panel

  • Battery and solar charge indicator
  • Stand by switch to power your iPhone 4 when needed
  • Provides iPhone 4 with Additional Power


Unique and Proprietory Snap Fit Case for Convenience and Protection

  • Comfortable and ergonomic design
  • Large Camera Hole for Clear Pictures


Compatible with AT&T and Verizon iPhone 4S and iPhone 4



2.44” x 5.1” x 0.875” (W x H x D)

61.9 x 129.5 x 22.2 mm (W x H x D)


3.4 oz. (96.4 g)

What causes Mobius buzzing?

This will only happen when the Mobius is not charged and not electrically plugged in. When you put your iPhone into it, the iPhone buzzes to acknowledge it’s been plugged in and is accepting a charge from the Mobius. Since the Mobius is solar charging but is empty, the iPhone gets another small charge and acknowledges it again. This will happen over and over again. That’s why you must initially fully charge the Mobius electrically. Then use solar power to top it off during the day. Then it won’t happen. 

Why won't my Mobius charge?

First, charge just the Mobius electrically for 5 to 6 hours.  Then put your iPhone into the Mobius and turn the switch to the green position. It will then deliver its charge to the iPhone as needed. If you want to get some extra solar charging during the day, remove the iPhone and put the Mobius into direct sunlight. It’s charging when the orange light comes on, but you probably won’t see more green dots appear, as solar charging is extremely slow. After that, you can simultaneously charge the Mobius and iPhone electrically and add some extra solar charge to it during the day. But always remove the iPhone while solar charging.

The information on the packaging is wrong and we apologize. Solar charging the Mobius for one hour, in direct sunlight, allows the iPhone 4 or 4s to make one or two, short emergency calls.