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G8 Traveler II
AM/FM/LW/Shortwave Radio with ATS (Auto Tuning Storage)
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Headphone Jack

Alarm Clock

Receives AM/FM Radio

Automatic Tuning Storage

Digital Tuner

Receives Shortwave Band

World Time Settings

Features include:

  • FM/MW/SW/LW 
  • Auto/manual tuning    
  • Auto Tuning Storage (ATS) function
  • Digital tuning with digital frequency readout (LCD)
  • Local timer setting + world timer setting
 Telescoping antenna for the Grundig...
 AC adapter for the Grundig Traveler II G8...



5.3” x 3.4” x 1” (W x H x D) 

136 x 87 x 26 mm (W x H x D)


7.1 oz. (201 g)

What are the owner's manual additions for the G8?

Sleep Timer Deactivation

When you turn the radio on, notice that there is a brief indication in the bottom part of the display of a two or three digit number, showing the number of minutes the radio will stay on before shutting off automatically. To deactivate the sleep timer, this must be changed to the word 'On'. Turn the radio OFF. Next, turn the radio on with a two-second press of the POWER button and start turning the tuning knob in either direction as soon as it’s turned on. You'll see some sleep numbers go by in the display and eventually you'll see 'On'; when you see this, stop turning the tuning knob. The sleep timer is now deactivated. You can test this by turning the radio on, and you’ll see ‘On’ appear very briefly in the bottom part of the display.

Stopping the Beeping Sound

With the radio turned OFF, press and hold the SNOOZE/LIGHT button until it reads OFF in the display. To reactivate it, do the same until it reads ON.

Alarm Volume Level

With the radio turned off press the ALARM button three times for one second. Turn the volume dial and select the volume level you wish. 

Changing alarm memory frequency

With the radio turned on, tune to the frequency you want; then press the ALARM button for 3 seconds.

Changing from Fahrenheit to Centigrade

With the radio turned off, press and hold the 9/10 KHz button until it reads 9 KHz in the display; then release it.

Hard Reset

With the radio powered and turned OFF, poke a paper clip into the RESET hole. Then remove the batteries for 30 minutes. Install them and see if it works now.