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Θ BoostBloc 4000

Boost your juice

When you hit the trail or board a plane make sure you’ve got backup, power that is. This small and mighty backup battery pack features a rechargeable 4000mAh lithium battery for long-lasting reliable power—wherever and whenever you need it.

Keep talking

When the BoostBloc 4000 is all charged up, you’ll have enough backup power to recharge your smartphone up to two times.

Double duty

The BoostBloc 4000 features a Micro-USB DC input to use with most smartphone chargers and a standard USB port for charging any mobile device.

Know your power

Just give the BoostBloc 4000 a shake and the LED charge indicators will let you know how much battery charge you have left.

Handy dandy

So small and lightweight you can take it anywhere. Stash it in your pocket, purse or pack for an anytime power boost.