American Red Cross Road Torq

For over 35 years, Etón has been keeping customers prepared for the worst... 

Be Red Cross Ready, and in charge of any storm with this powerful hand-crank, smartphone charging flashlight from Etón. Don't go through life unprepared without your RoadTorq! 

  • Be safe

    Ran out of gas in the middle of the night? Need to change a tire in the dark? This hand-powered rechargeable flashlight and beacon is ideal for any roadside emergency.

    Crank it up, turn it on

    Crank for two minutes and produce enough power for 15 minutes of flashlight and flashing beacon power. Or use the DC power input for added stored power.

    In a flash

    With a super bright flashlight and 3 LED flashing beacon, the Road Torq will always light your way to safety.

    Ready for action

    It’s simple to set up and easy to store. Just fold up the retractable legs and it fits perfectly in the glove compartment of your car.