Elite Field Leather Satchel

For over 35 years, Etón has been keeping customers Informed, Entertained and Safe. 

Use this elegant, leather satchel with craftsman stitching to carry your Elite Field while you are out on a picnic in the park or commuting to an exotic location.  This soft satchel not only looks good but will keep your radio safe.  Toss your phone or laptop into the bag instead and make this your daily commuter bag.  Indulge yourself with a little luxury with the Elite Field Leather Satchel!

  • Leather Field Bag

    This custom designed leather carrying case letsyou carry around your Elite Field Radio in style and comfort while around the office or when enjoying the outdoors; The multi-purpose leather bag even doubles as a laptop carrying case!

    Take it on the Go

    This leather satchel is the perfect companion to keep your Eton Elite Field AM/FM Bluetooth radio secure and safe; Use it to carry your Elite Field while you tune in to stations from all over the world or link via Bluetooth to crank up all the podcasts you enjoy